Welcome to DIY Pixel School! We hope that this site will give beginners the tools they need to get their feet wet in the exciting world of pixel light displays with helpful hints, tips, and how-to lessons.  We believe no question is too simple to deserve an honest and useful answer. We know that everyone has to start someplace and that without a resource for information many people might become disillusioned and abandon the hobby. It is our goal to try to eliminate that frustration.


This site has been developed by several lighting enthusiasts and draws on their knowledge and experience in an attempt to give you as much helpful information as we could put together. It is a continually growing and changing effort. Technology and practices in this hobby are rapidly expanding. New software is constantly being developed; additional vendors are introducing new and exciting products; old, dependable vendors are adding to their established lines; and we hope to be able to keep up with this ever-changing world to give you the assistance you might be looking for.


If you have questions about terminology, practices, how-tos, etc., please search this site thoroughly, there is a lot of information on these pages. So, take a look around. Watch the videos and read the information available on any and all topics. But most of all, enjoy the lighting display hobby to its fullest!


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